Process and Pilgrimage in Cordoba: June 5th to 8th 2014


Process and Pilgrimage - Walking with science

At the Crossroads of Cordoba

June 5th to 8th 2014

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“For the idols, sacred ground, Ka’ba for the circling pilgrim, the tables of the Torah, the scrolls of the Qur’an, I profess the religion of love; wherever its caravan turns along the way, that is the belief, the faith I keep.” Ibn Arabi, 12th century Sufi mystic, A Garden Among the Flames


Process and Pilgrimage is a journey to the source of western culture. In previous years this journey has progressed from the modern setting of London to the Renaissance cradle of Assisi and Tuscany in Italy. Now the journey arrives in Cordoba, Spain, where an earlier form of the unity of European culture was held in the 12th century, when Jews, Christian and Muslims lived together and worked together weaving theology, science and philosophy in a unified whole.


Join Philip Franses and Shantena Sabbadini at Centro de Psicologia Albayda for an event centered on the unity of knowledge, beyond the fragmented understanding that separates science, art and mysticism



Bustling Roman metropolis, jewel in the crown of Arabic Andalucía and cultural custodian during the dark ages, Córdoba witnessed the dawn of western civilisation. This is a place where I feel as if I could arrive at the huge modern train station and, by journeying into the historic centre, travel backwards through time. Even now, after hundreds of years as a fairly quiet provincial town, it holds the keys to huge tranches of our past, both spiritual and intellectual’ (Van der zee


In this meeting we connect with the spirit of the place of Cordoba through talks, free flowing conversations, visits to cultural & spiritual landmarks and lived experiences. Talks will touch upon:

* Ibn Arabi in Cordoba;
*Time and Transformation; read paper here,
* Quantum Physics and Experiencing; read more here
* The Weaving of Three Cultures in Cordoba’s past
* Daily Life in Al Andalusia

Venue: Centro de Psicologia Albayda, Santa Ana de la Albaida 32, 14011 Cordoba, Spain and
Teteria La Casa Andalusi of Salma Al Farouki, a typical teahouse in the old quarter

Visits will include the patios and bodegas of old Cordoba, a visit to the Mezquita, the ancient synagogue and a walk up the sacred mountain of Cordoba to Las Ermitas.


Arrival:  Thursday June 5th 2014, 5 pm

Departure: Sunday June 8th 2014, 3 pm


Cost: £295 (€ 350) - includes event & in-house meals - (student discount available) .

(Does not include - accommodation in local hotels nearby (approx. 50 € per night)) )


Nearest airports: Sevilla, 40 minutes or Málaga, 50 minutes away by train

Booking and Information

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Your generosity in past Process and Pilgrimage events has allowed many key participants to come.

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